• Donna Weller

Building trust through social media

Reply, educate, drive and entertain - four of the key points that will help you build trust though your social media channels.

Let’s take each of these points and unpack them.


Take most people’s behaviour... They think of a company’s Facebook page or Twitter account as somewhere they will find customer service. It’s much easier than emailing or phoning a company in person and asking why your parcel has yet to arrive. It is also (terrifyingly) public. Just as your response will be scrutinised by followers, so too will the lack of any response.

Nowadays, we have third-party applications, artificial intelligence and bot-script technology. Use them! They will help you respond to queries as soon as possible.

Remember: Criticism, when handled well, does not need to reflect badly on you.


If you have helpful tips and advice, share them online. If you give away info for free, it can convince potential customers to come your way when they want to spend money.

For example; Are you in the bakery business? Tell people how to refresh stale bread (in the oven, wrapped in foil and sprinkled with a little water, in case you were wondering). Or maybe share a video of your 'guide to kneading dough'.


What social media does well for small businesses is drive people to its services - posting updates regularly on social media can give your audience a feeling of trustworthiness.

Or what about setting up a Facebook group!

For example; For a home-based 'Mary Berry', it’s a great place for trading tips on baking. For a beautician, it can be used to book appointments or to advertise cancellations and special promotions. Driving traffic to your site or store!


Got a witty employee? Get them to help handle your social media. What you want to steer away from are announcements... they reek of corporate speak and are extremely dull! In a sea of noise you want well-written, interesting and/or funny posts to reel people in.

Stag Social Media can help you manage all of your social media accounts, leaving you free to concentrate on the day job.

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